Martha To The Rescue

The morning of new years eve I had my first appointment ever for hair extensions. Let’s just say i assumed the place would be reputable because it was located so closely to the galleria. I WAS BUTCHERED! I spent about 1500 on the extensions only to feel ugly and thinning! after being unhappy with my results I asked this former hairstylist of mine about my options, his only response was to offer a crazy fee to have him take them out.

I was literally sick! This was the worst experience ever!!! BUT then I met Ms. Martha who took really good care of me. She took a look at the damages done, understood my pain, and made a point to help me with speedy services by seeing me as soon as the new bundles made it to her shop. On top of me feel right at home she gave me a great service and took her time to do excellent work. My great lengths feel so much more full and tighter. I love Martha!!

Samantha U.