HairTalk Tape In Extensions in Houston

The leading innovator in tape-in hair extension technology, Hairtalk, offers an amazing alternative for hair extensions that does not damage your own hair! 

  • Top quality 100% Remy Human Hair so strands that are all facing in the same direction
  • Indian hair closely mimics European hair types
  • Hair has a slight wave which you can smooth out with a flat iron
  • Hair last up to 6 months or longer

How do Tape In Extensions Work?

HairTalk Tape in hair extensions attach using hypoallergenic adhesive bands which blend seamlessly with natural hair. They lay flat so that I can apply them really close to the scalp and around the face and have a totally natural look. They come in different sizes options for the perfect blend. The tape-in Remy Human hair can be applied under an hour and provides a full effect for a long luxurious hair. The extensions last from 8 to 10 weeks depending on the customer's hair growth. This method is preferred because it eliminates the frizzing, tangling and matting, ensuring the extensions are always fresh and close to the scalp.

HairTalk Tape In Options

  • Original: for adding natural looking length
  • Petite: for adding a little volume to fine hair, especially around the crown or to conceal thinning areas
  • Mini Strands: for adding volume around the hairline, or for adding highlights throughout the hair

Styles and Colors

We offer a wide variety of colors - 30 natural colors and 9 fantasy shades to cater for all your requirements. These colors and shades can be combined to obtain over 500 different shades! These strands can be dyed but we do not recommend you to lighten the extensions.  You want highlights? We can add them with extensions!

Hair Xpressions Clients Love Tape In Extensions

"I was a little apprehensive about getting extensions. I chose the tape in extensions. They don’t damage your hair and their easy to take care of. She did an amazing job! They look natural and pretty." Haggard

Free Hair Consultation

If you're considering Tape In Hair Extensions, consult an expert here in Houston. Schedule a free consultation and get a quote. You can also see and feel the quality of the hair while you're here. You can also see a selection of all the pre-colored shades that are available.