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Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening, thermal hair straightening, the straight perm. No matter what you call it, here is all you need to know about this service.

Japanese hair straightening is the general term for a salon treatment which uses a combination of heat and chemicals to restructure the hair. Different than a keratin smoothing treatment, the Japanese straightening process permanently transforms curly, textured hair into smooth straight hair.  The results last until your hair grows out.

Many of our clients in the Houston area inquire about this service and if it's the right solution for them. When it comes to softening your curls, taming your waves, or even reducing frizz, there are so many options. The best treatment for you will depend on the condition of your hair and the result you're hoping to achieve.
Liscio hair straightening by milbon

Liscio Straightening System by Milbon

We use the Liscio professional line by Milbon, a hair straightening system developed in Japan, to transform very curly, kinky hair into smooth straight hair. We find this line to be far superior to any other professional hair straightening products available. We are proud to say that we are fully licensed by Milbon, the makers of Liscio. Only Milbon certified salons can offer this service, and only after specialized training. You can be sure we are well educated on how to use this technique safely and effectively.

The Japanese Hair Straightening Process

This in-salon treatment uses Liscio products and special irons to straighten your curly, wavy, frizzy hair. Like a keratin treatment, with the Liscio system we can customize your results – from sleek, pin-straight to natural straight with body. You'll be able to style your hair any way you like. The good news is, if you don't want to take the time to style your hair, you'll still have smooth, straight hair.

Permanent Results

The results are permanent, so new growth will need to be treated if you want to keep your straight look. When we do a touch up, we tend to treat most of the head again - instead of just the roots - so that we avoid little waves appearing in the overlapping sections.

Thermal Straightening vs a Relaxer

Are they the same? They are similar in their use, but we find that chemical relaxers don't straighten the hair as well, and they can leave the hair brittle and dry. The Japanese Straight Perm gives you soft, silky, shiny, straight hair and, your hair will be healthier! If you've had a chemical relaxer before, it may be possible to transition to a thermal straightening treatment but it will depend on your full chemical history and the condition of your hair. If you're curious, book a free consultation.

How much does Japanese Straightening Cost?

The process takes time to complete your full head, so the cost will depend on the length and density of your hair. If you'd like a precise number, please contact us for a free consultation. The cost for the initial treatment and the cost for the touchups are about the same, since we treat the full head again, or the majority of it.

Will Japanese Straightening damage my hair?
Any chemical treatment will have an effect on your hair. Starting with healthy hair makes a tremendous difference. Japanese Straightening will not damage your hair.  Your hair will be as healthy after the process as when you first come to the salon. Please note, this treatment is not meant to repair damaged hair or mend split ends. It is meant to transform curls and waves into straight hair. However, with straight hair right out of the shower, you'll certainly be able to take a break from routine blow drying, round brushing and flat ironing.  So you might see a reduction in typical hair damage as a result.

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Reviews for Hair Straightening

Salon Review
Great hair saloon!!! I got japanese hair straightening from her .she did a fabulous job.
Salon Review
Paulina G
I have been a client of Martha for over 15 years and she is the greatest. She colors my hair and does a magnificent job. Once a year I get the Japanese Straightening and love the results. Her prices are very reasonable.

Book a Hair Straightening Treatment at Hair Xpressions

We are trained and certified to perform the Japanese Liscio treatment by Milbon safely and effectively. If you've never had this type of service before, we suggest starting with a complimentary consultation. We will talk about the look you desire as well as your hair's chemical history to know if you're a good candidate for the treatment.

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