Divine Hair Extensions By Martha

Divine Extensions by Martha

Express your true self seamlessly, look completely in just a few minutes. Hence, we strive to offer the absolute best services to each and every woman that crosses the steps of our salons!

There are incredibly great advantages for getting Martha’s extensions:

  • Quick and Easy application
  • Instant length and volume
  • Natural & Thick Look
  • Blended Shades
  • No damage to your own hair

Martha Duverney 

Award winning hair stylist and extensions specialist, Martha Duverney has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. Martha has focused on hair extensions to help all women express their selves in a natural way! Client oriented, our salons offer affordable solutions without compromising on quality one bit.

(H2) Latest Technology Used – The Cold Fusion System

(p) In our salons we always use the latest technology when it comes to taking care of your hair and applying the extensions you’ve dreamt of! We use the Ultrasonic 5000 Cold Fusion method which utilizes the ultrasonic wave. Contrary to the conventional heating methods, the cold fusion system uses ultrasonic waves of “vibrations” so the bond can surround each individual strand. This method makes extensions a possible option even to customers with thin or extremely fine hair.

Natural Looking Volume 

Marthas extensions are made to last and feel exactly like your natural hair without spending ridiculous amounts of money. You can achieve the desire length of your hair without compromising on functionality. With our extensions, you’ll be able to tie it in a ponytail, trim them, wash them confidently and even straighten the extensions without damaging them!

We understand the importance and desires or our customers – natural and voluminous hair that changes them.