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Brazilian Blowout

has just launched a new treatment product, Brazilian Blowout ZERO, in answer to public concern over the ingredients in their original treatment. 

While testing by the manufacturer, an independent agency and OSHA has shown that the original product is well within safety guidelines, Brazilian Blowout has wisely manufactured an all-new solution that promises to still smooth, defrizz and condition hair, but without any trace of formaldehyde. 

But does it really stand up? There’s only one way to tell: try the Original and the Zero solutions, side-by-side!

I have done this type of experiment to compare products before, and Brazilian Blowout has always come out on top; but now that it’s Brazilian Blowout vs. Brazilian Blowout, what will happen?

The Brazilian Blowout Process “The best way to explain a Brazilian Blowout,” Chase said as he began the 90-minute procedure, “is that we coat the cuticle of the hair with a high dose of amino acids, creating a protective layer around the cuticle that will smooth out all the frizz.”

Unlike processes that use chemicals to get the hair straight — there’s no shortage of horror stories and cautionary tales on the Internet about “formaldehyde” treatments — the Brazilian Blowout doesn’t mess with the natural texture of your hair, it just smoothes it out, and makes curls softer and easier to manage.

keratin treatment

What is Brazilian Blowout?

The Brazilian Blowout is a most popular keratin treatment for hair. It does not change the actual structure of hair (unlike Japanese hair straightening), it just covers every hair with protective and conditioning protein layer.

The best candidates for Brazilian blowout are anyone who has frizzy, damaged or processed hair. If your hair is in such condition, Brazilian blowout will change the way your hair look dramatically.

They said

Love this product! It is highly recommended Martha as well.

I really liked this. Good quality. Really detangled my waist length hair. It was only enough for 2 uses though. They really should have given us a larger size, but that seems to be the consensus with a lot of these products. Martha did a wonderful job on my hair...I love my new look. Thank's Martha for all your help.
Georgina W.


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