Hair Extensions Maintenance

Hair Extensions Maintenance 

There are many ways of taking care of your newly acquired extensions in order to keep them healthy and extend or maximize the period you use them.

Here are some of the main tips and tricks to help you take care of your extensions:

  • Do not sleep with wet hair
  • Tie your head in a ponytail when swimming or when you are in areas with high amounts of wind
  • Brush your hair twice a day
  • Use the "Shampoo Hair & Day Spa" styling kit

If you have hair extensions installed, there is always the option of removing all of them or only a part of them, depending on the purpose for which you had them installed in the first place.

People are getting extensions for different reasons, such as growing out of an unwanted haircut, thickening their thin hair, adding more volume or lengthen their natural hair. Hence, extension maintenance varies and is dependent on the main reason for installing them and on the technology used to install them.