Hair Extensions We Offer

We stock the top brands and hottest colors, and offer those hard to find extensions like coarse or curly textures and extended lengths.

DreamCatchers Hair Extensions in Houston

Quality, easy going and non-damaging, DreamCatcher hair extensions are incredibly versatile and have earned their place in our lineup for several different application methods.

Easilengths by EasiHair Pro Extensions

Easihair Pro uses the most advanced technology in procuring and refining the hair in order for your extensions to look ultra natural when applied.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

The most recognized Hair Extension Brand in the world, Great Lengths epitomize top quality 100% human hair.

Hair Extensions Maintenance

Here's how to take care of your newly acquired extensions in order to keep them healthy for as long as possible.

Hairtalk Tape-in Hair Extensions

All full head of these gentle tape-in Remy human hair can be applied under an hour. Talk about instant length and volume!

Divine Hair Extensions By Martha

Martha's extensions are made to last and feel exactly like your natural hair without spending ridiculous amounts of money.

Mermaid Hair Extensions

Looking for extra long, extra thick hair? Microbead extensions are ideal for creating that mermaid hair look.