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Hairtalk – Tape-in Hair Extensions

The leading innovator in tape-in hair extension technology, Hairtalk, offers an amazing alternative for hair extensions that does not damage your own hair! Due to the incredible technology behind, the Hairtalk extensions offer customers a seamless, natural flowing strands that are all facing in the same direction. 

The tape-in Remy Human hair can be applied under an hour and provides a full effect for a long luxurious hair. The extensions last from 8 to 10 weeks depending on the customer’s hair growth. This method is preferred because it eliminates the frizzing, tangling and matting, ensuring the extensions are always fresh and close to the scalp. 

The Remy Human hair is 100% natural and originates from India. The cuticle is instant, and the hair is places with the cuticle all facing in the same direction for a seamless and continuous flow to give the client a natural look.


Styling and Coloring 

We offer a wide variety of colors – 30 natural colors and 9 fantasy shades to cater for all your requirements. These colors and shades can be combined to obtain over 500 different shades! However, we do not recommend you to lighten the extensions. Please note that coloring the extensions lead the losing their warranty. 

Ironing, curling and blow-drying the extensions are heath processes that can be sustained by the extensions, however, do not apply concentrated head on the bands as this can make the adhesive tacky. For a personalized plan for you, get in touch with a certified hair extensions specialist today and benefit from a free consultation!