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test Brazilian Blowout Treatment

Brazilian Blowout Treatment

To smooth, defrizz and condition hair!

The Brazilian Blowout is one of the most popular keratin hair treatments. Preferred by many thanks to its technique which straightens the hair without affecting or changing the actual structure of the hair (like the Japanese Hair Straightening does). The Brazilian Blowout covers every hair with a protective and conditioning protein layer, making it a perfect process for everyone who has frizzy, damaged or processed hair.

Brazilian Blowout has recently launched another product due to the public concern regarding the ingredients in their original treatment. Even tho the original product has been tested by the manufacturer, an independent agency and OSHA, and was declared to be well within the safety guidelines.

However, the company decided it’s not enough, and even if the product was declared as being safe, they started working on a completely new product with new ingredients in order to create a new formula without the harmful chemical.

The product is named Brazilian Blowout ZERO – and it contains no trace of formaldehyde. Customers were excited to find out the news and didn’t even think something so much better than the original product could be produced. The process changed into coating the cuticle of the hair with high dose of amino acids, thus creating a protective layer around the cuticle the will smooth our all the frizz, Chase says.

The Brazilian Blowout is the perfect solution to for your hair as it doesn’t affect negatively your natural texture of the hair, but it smoothest it out and makes your curls easier to manage.

Read clients’ testimonials and more information about the Brazilian Blowout here, and contact us to speak with a certified hair stylist for a free consultation. They are ready to help you out in deciding which is the best option for you!