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More About Martha

More About Martha

Passion Expressed Professionally

Martha has always had a passion for beauty ever since her early adulthood years. As a woman, she noticed a real problem woman all across the world faced: unnatural looking hair extensions. It became clear to her that this is a matter that needs to be taken care of.

Hence, she decided to dedicate her entire life into revolutionizing the hair industry, completely. Now, not only celebrities with thousands of dollars available could transform their looks in a couple of minutes, but every single woman!

The hair revolution became through finding cheaper ways to deliver high quality products, that make clients feel natural and more like themselves, all while keeping an ethical business development and partnerships.

Martha has shown that this is possible with enough dedication! Therefore, she created Hair Xpressions Salon in 2004. Since then, she helped thousands of customers achieve their hair dreams, change their looks and increase their confidence.

Either it was through a top-notch haircut, Brazilian Blowout, Japanese Straight Process and high-quality hair extensions installed using the latest technologies, Martha set a new standard for affordable beauty.

Moreover, this doesn’t stop here. Thanks to her dedication to beauty and hair, she developed and promoted top notch products and revolutionary methods of work in order to enhance the experience of the hair specialists as well as the end clients.

Her efforts have been seen by the industry giants. Her extensions and techniques ended up on high tier fashion shows during New York Fashion Week and in countless editorial photo shoots. This doesn’t only emphasize the product quality, but also the attention for the details and the high goals she has always set for seamless perfection