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Easihair – Pro Hair Extensions

(p) From runway shows during NYFW to editorial photo shoots, Easihair-Pro has established its presence as a leader in the hair extensions industry all over the world since 2001. We take great care of our end clients, as well as efficiency and performance.


Why Choose Easihair-Pro?

There are many advantages you gain as a stylist on for choosing our products and provide them to your customers. Besides them becoming an industry standard and a proven working concept, certain benefits come as a package:

  1. We offer a large variety of colors, starting from silky, light blonde to deep rich black, plus all of the reds and brown shades in between!
  2. Easy match with your client’s hair color.
  3. You can color them as you color the natural hair of your client.
  4. Durable and powerful!

We use the most advanced technology in procuring, refining and applying the hair extensions in order for them to be seamless for the end customer. One of the main issues and fears people have when it comes to extensions is the fact that the procedure may give them a fake, unwanted look.

Our efforts are concentrated into providing high quality products that are durable up to 6 months if taken care of accordingly, while maintaining the volume, vitality and sensuality everyone is looking for. Moreover, either you are a stylist or an end client, please contact our certified hair specialist for a free consultation! They will be able to guide you into making the best decision for your hair!

of our collaborating stylists to make sure they are properly trained in applying our products for maximum